Gearboxes / Repairs / Upgrades

Akron Gear & Engineering supplies fast repairs by trained engineers, designers and technicians, experience in the special workings of gear boxes, valve actuators, crush roll journals and other mechanical equipment.

Gearboxes, Repairs, and Upgrades

At Akron Gear “We Fix Gearboxes!” Up to 25 Tons. All makes and models. Parallel shaft, worm, helical/bevel, spiral bevel, multiple input/output, in-line and planetary to name a few. Ask about our extensive inspection and test procedures after reassembly. We want it right when you put it on line.
Rebuilding your gearbox at Akron Gear can include many valued added options. Coupling installation and ongoing extensive Reliability Assessment PM using Real Services’ PDM Laboratory are all available to our customers. Akron Gear wants your rebuild to provide years of trouble free service. Please request an extensive list of our customers who now benefit from an Akron Gear Rebuilt Gearbox.
If the service you are now receiving from a drive is unreliable, our gear technicians can evaluate your application and give you timely information that will help you avoid costly downtime. Gearbox upgrades from Akron Gear add life and reliability. Our breakdown service can also save you lost production.
Want to buy a new gearbox? With more capacity and a faster output speeds? Akron Gear can supply new drives with custom, machined adaptor plates to drop in to your existing location.
Yes, Akron Gear is your one-stop source for all of your gearbox needs.
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Cone Drive

Throughout Cone Drive’s long history, innovation has been at the core of it’s success.
With our unique partnership with Cone Drive, Akron Gear & Engineering can offer factory authorized Cone Drive remanufacturing services. This allows us to combine the skill and quality that is expected from Akron Gear and Cone Drive.
Our technicians were Cone Drive trained in Traverse City, MI, at Cone Drives own remanufacturing center. All parts that go into our Cone Drive rebuild projects are authentic Cone Drive parts.
In addition to our quality and experience, you will also get the Cone Drive Warranty on all of our rebuild projects.
You have your own rebuild staff? You can also order the parts from us, including the gearsets.
In order to help Akron Gear quote you a price on your unit…All we need are the Model Number and the Serial Number!
No need to take your unit out of production until you are ready to have it rebuilt.
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