Reverse Engineering

Let Akron Gear’s technicians save you time and money!

Do you need parts, but do not have the blue-prints? Is your equipment obsolete from the OEM, and you have a breakdown?

If your company needs service parts and are faced with…

…Akron Gear can help.

We know gears. From small spur gears, to 50,000 pound gearboxes, we can reverse engineer the parts, produce AutoCAD drawings and manufacture the parts.

Just send us your old parts, broken parts, or even a verbal description and we can produce workable, high quality AutoCAD drawings.

Broken and Damaged Parts – Obsolete Parts – Out Of Business OEMs – Long Lead Times From OEM – High Prices From OEMs – Just Purchased A New Product Line With No Documentation – No Problem.

Akron Gear is not restricted to broken parts. Do you need help improving the life of your gears. We can help there too. Sometimes a few minor changes in a gear design, material specification, and/or heat treatments can increase the life of your gears. Akron Gear is an expert in gear design and can help you get the greatest value from your gear components.

We are not restricted to gears either…gearboxes, valve actuators, power generation equipment, barge un-loaders and more. Akron Gear can help you identify components, improve life and reduce costly down times.

Let Akron Gear help you improve your bottom line!

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