Machining / Turning

Akron Gear is much more than a gear shop. We also posses the equipment to meet your machining needs. From 1/2” diameter shafts and spindles to 50,000 pound bases, Akron Gear has the right machines to meet the challenge.


Akron Gear’s milling capabilities are unrivaled with our Juaristi 5-axis CNC horizontal boring mill, capable of machining parts up to 30,000 pounds and a 100-inch cube. Crank gear trunnions, wire drums, bases, gearbox housings, and intricate shaft machining are common place items on our three boring mills.


Akron Gear has an excellent track record with large part turning. Large gear blanks, wear rings, spacer plates, rotors, fans, hubs and fabrication components are just a fraction of the parts that Akron Gear routinely turns for our customers. We understand that a finished product is only as good as the parts put into it, and we take as much pride in quality parts as you do.
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