Accudrive Series W

Proven reliability.

The Accudrive Series W, high precision servo gear heads are ideal for your most demanding motion control applications. Inside the Accudrive Series W is Cone Drive’s true double-enveloping worm gear set. Offered in standard, low and zero backlash versions, you can always find the right solution for your application.

Download Overview

  • Sizes (Center distance-mm): 38, 51, 64, 76, 89
  • Standard Redcution Stages: Single
  • Interface: Inch or metric
  • Output Torque: Up to 7,800 lb. in. (880 Nm)
  • Gear Ratios: 5:1 to 60:1; custom ratios available
  • Ingress Protection: IP65
  • Input Options: Solid shaft, Nema + Servo motor interfaces
  • Output Shaft Options: Solid, hollow shaft, shrink disc; end mount
  • Backlash Options: Standard, Low, Zero
  • Mounting Options: Universal mount
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