Double-Enveloping Worm Gear Sets

Precise and powerful custom solutions.

Cone Drive is the world leader in double-enveloping worm gear technology. Cone Drive gear sets are available in standard sizes and ratios and in custom sizes and ratios to suit your requirements.

Downloads & Configuration

  • Sizes: 1.5” through 52” CD
  • Standard Ratios: 5:1 – 70:1
  • Backlash: Standard / Low / Zero
  • Gear Materials: Tin + Alum Bronze, Ductile Iron, Steel Aluminum, Torlon®
  • Worm Materials: Hardened Steel + Nitride, Stainless Steel
  • Modified output configuration (e.g. keyways, splines)
  • Custom Design Options: Custom Center Distance
  • Special Ratios: Up to 200:1 single stage; size dependent, Sector gears
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