Akron Gear supplies spur gear to most industrial markets. MRO customers including metals, mining, power generation, transportation, plastic extrusion and automotive, all depend on Akron Gear’s drive solutions, reverse engineering and breakdown service. OEM machinery builders and material handling systems manufacturers count on Akron Gear for timely shipments and consistent quality.

Alloy steels, cast iron, bronze, plastic and aluminum are materials used in the manufacture of spur gears. With ferrous materials, all forms of heat treat are available including carburize and harden, induction, flame and nitride (both gas and ion).

Akron Gear maintains an extensive inventory of tooling to cut gears in both English and Metric configurations.

  • .5" to 120" in Diameter
  • 1 Diametrical Pitch
  • 3" Circular Pitch
  • 25.4 Module
  • Rotary Cut: AGMA Class 6
  • Hobbed: AGMA Class 8
  • Shaped: AGMA Class 9
  • Ground Tooth: AGMA Class 12
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